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Quick look at the 2017 Acura ILX



Acura claims that the ILX redefines what it is like to drive a sedan. This sporty compact sedan is fun to drive and not too expensive. The claims are pretty big, but if you ever get the chance to test drive a 2017 Acura ILX, you are sure to agree with the sentiments put forth by Acura. In 2012, Acura released this car to much fanfare, though some thought it was just a Civic with a different label. While the Honda Civic is a great car, this is more refined, and better.

The car, is, in fact, based on the older Civic platform, which should sooth anyone’s fears as the Civic is popular, and it’s a solid car. The 2017 uses a new suspension system, so it feels capable as ever, and with a starting price of under 28k, a buyer can get behind the wheel of this high-end car without breaking the bank. While a lot has been left untouched, which makes sense when you consider how great of a car it is, there are still some changes that should get any Acura fan excited, though the changes are minor.

The most significant and noticeable changes comes in the form of new color options for the exterior. The new options are Lunar Silver Metallic, San Marino Red and Modern Steel Metallic. While this sedan has barely changed, if you want to know why, you must know that the ILX is good enough that no large changes were needed. Simply put, there was no reason to rock the boat, and you can see for yourself by checking out an ILX at Chapman Acura.

One thing that makes the ILX better than a boring sedan is its eight-speed transmission and 2.4 liter horsepower, 201 horsepower engine. Drivers who want power and decent fuel economy should not worry as this fun and sporty car gets nearly 30 MPG combined. With a bold, sporty appearance, we can see why sports car lovers have no problems getting behind the wheel of an Acura ILX.

There are a few options for the ILX, which make the driving experience that much better. Drivers who value safety, though the car has a host of safety features, will love the AcuraWatch Plus Package as it offers a suite of features to help avoid accidents. Fans of tech will love the Technology Plus Package, where owners are treated to sophisticated audio and navigation options. Finally, with the Premium Package and A-Spec Package, owners will enjoy a more refined style, both inside and outside of the vehicle. Simply put, the great thing about the Acura ILX is that there is something for everyone, and whether you want a more luxurious and refined experience or a more sporty car, Acura does not leave potential buyers hanging.

While Acura is not going out of its way to make the ILX much different, the company has reason. There were a few subtle changes that are hardly noticeable, but anyone who wants a well-priced sports car with all the extras must consider the 2017 Acura ILX.

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