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Acura’s New Boss Wants Exciting Sedans

Acura SedansAcura is a great company, and it makes solid SUVs, reliable sedans and fun sports cars. On top of that, the company is always working on new technology and making its cars faster, more efficient and more fun to drive. However, like most car companies, Acura is not resting on its laurels. No, the company wants to make more exciting sedans, and that should make any Acura, or any car fan for that matter, happy.

Jon Ikeda, general manager of Acura, has an agenda this luxury brand. While he is happy with the direction and the general popularity of the NSX and popular crossovers, he has his eye on the sedans. Recently, Ikeda, in an interview with Automotive News, he mentioned that he wanted to work on the challenging mission of making Acura’s cars more fun for every audience. Essentially, he wants sedans that everyone will get excited about. To get excited about an Acura in person, you should check out a sedan at Chapman Acura.

While he has declined to come up with specifics on the brand’s plans for sedans, he wants to take more seriously the company’s 80’s-era slogan “precision crafted performance.”  He mentioned that any step the company makes to improving its product has to abide by that motto, and that it is paramount to improve the performance and quality of its cars. The interesting thing about Acura, which is both an advantage and disadvantage, is the company has only three sedans to its name, which are the full-size RLX, midsize TLX and the compact ILX. In one way, the company can put more time, effort and money into these brands, but on the other hand, it is hard to compete with other companies that have more models. By going to a local Tucson Acura dealer, you can see what all the fuss is about with the current brands available.

Acura has considerable technology to leverage, and this gives the company a distinct advantage to come up with a plan and knock out the competition.  The company can also look at its Acura NSX to get ideas and take a page out of that playbook, though, suffice to say, Acura isn’t looking for that kind of power out of its sedans. But, by drawing from the NSX, the company can get some styling ideas and use some of its tech to create an amazing machine.

Again, Acura does not have to change too much to remain popular and gain new buyers.  In fact, the truth is, the brand is one of the few that is bucking the trend of falling sales in 2015. Through July of 2015, sedans sales for Acura are up 36 percent from the previous year. Partially, this is due to the redesign of the ILX as the company made it more exciting, all while keeping true to its roots.

Without doing much, Acura can remain a powerhouse for years to come. But, luckily, the company is investing in its brand, and buyers should rejoice, especially ones who want to buy a more exciting sedan.

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