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A Look At The 2019 Acura RDX

The 2019 Acura RDX has had a slight makeover. This popular SUV has taken on an even sportier look and has added new technologies to its performance package. All of the new features that have been added to the RDX for this year’s model are sure to make it the must-have SUV of the season.

Body Features

The new Acura RDX will feature a Diamond Pentagon grille. This sporty grill is the very first thing you will notice when you look at the vehicle head-on. It is sharp and adds to the overall style. The RDX will also feature the new Acura LED headlights. These lights feature 7 LED super bright bulbs each, making them some of the brightest and clearest headlights available on the market.


The RDX will feature a 272 HP engine that has a 16 valve DOHC Vtech Turbo. The vehicle will have a 10 speed transmission with electronic gear selector. Even with such high performance and power, the vehicle has an overall mileage rating of 24mpg.

Interior Technologies

The new RDX will feature three updated or new technologies for the interior of the car. Each of these items are designed for hands-off use.

True Touchpad Interface – The new touchpad system is located near the gear shift to make using it very simple. You only need to touch the pad to access different features in the car. You never have to look down or away from the road with this newest technology.

Surround Sound – Acura has updated and improved the sound quality of their speaker systems. The new RDX will have true surround sound. Once you hear the quality of this feature you will never want to get out of your vehicle.

Apple CarPlay – You can connect your iPhone to your RDX and use all the features of CarPlay with ease. Get directions, listen to music and talk on the phone without interrupting your driving.

Bonus Features

The RDX will come equipped with the Integrated Dynamics System. This system will allow drivers to adjust the drive mode to meet their needs. The drive modes will include:
•Comfort – for that long, smooth ride.
•Snow – will perform better in snow and ice
•Sport – a heightened throttle response and power
•Sport Plus – in addition to extra power, it will have added steering response for rough terrain

Drivers can also add the Super Handling All Wheel Drive option to their vehicle package for even higher performance.

Safety Features

All new RDX vehicles will include AcuraWatch. This new system provides drivers with superior safety features. All vehicles will include technologies like Collision Braking Systems, Cruise Control Adaptation, Lane Assist and Road Departure warnings. Additional safety features will also be included.

Overall, the new upgrades and changes made to the RDX by Acura seem to be very innovative. The new sporty look is enough to make someone stop and consider purchasing the vehicle. When you add the power, performance and technology upgrades to the mix, you have a near-perfect SUV. If you want to see how great one is, check one out for yourself at Chapman Acura.

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