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Acura 2016 Lineup

Edmunds Says Acura Best Among Premium Cars

Edmunds, the popular source for consumer automotive advice, has named the Acura as the Best Retained Value vehicle in the luxury car category. According to Edmunds, the Acura lineup retains 47.6 of the new value of all its vehicles after 5 years of ownership. The brand has earned this honor more than any other automaker in the history of the award. “Topping the Edmunds rankings for projected retained value for eligible luxury brands for the fifth straight year is an important validation of our total focus on delivering precision crafted performance in every facet of what it means to own an Acura vehicle,” according to Acura VP Jon Ikeda. “Acura products continue to set the benchmark in the luxury market by providing customers with a unique combination of luxury and performance, leading-edge safety technology and exceptional long-term quality, reliability and durability.” See why the brand is so popular by taking a trip to Chapman Acura, your Tucson Acura dealership.

Also Tops in Low Cost of Ownership

Acura also won the Kelley Blue Book “Low Cost of Ownership” award in the luxury car category. Citing the best-in-class fuel efficiency, large number of standard features and high resale prices, KBB said the overall cost to own an Acura is the lowest of all luxury rated cars. This is one reason why Acura continues to post record sales numbers as it has its best year since 2007. Millennials are flocking to the Acura brand to take advantage of the wide lineup of vehicles that range from the NSX supercar and large MDX SUV to more affordable sedans that are still steeped in luxury features.

College Grads Get Deal on ILX

If you’re looking for a great car to celebrate your recent college graduation, head over to Chapman Acura and check out the ILX. College Grads automatically get $500 off a lease or purchase of the ILX. Other offers include a $219 lease for 36 months or 1.9 percent financing for 36 months. All offers are for qualified buyers. The ILX is the perfect vehicle for someone just starting out on a career. It’s affordable, delivers 35 mpg on the highway, has a beautiful design and is fun to drive. The ELS Studio Premium Audio System delivers concert hall sound in the sumptuous interior. Driver assistance safety features only come into play to help you avoid a collision and get you safely to your appointed destination.



The iconic Japanese luxury automotive brand Acura turns 30 this year. To celebrate this important milestone, the company has launched an innovative, if understated ad campaign. And this popular Honda subsidiary has much to celebrate. For 3 decades it has produced some of the most technologically advanced, durable, great handling vehicles on the road. It is only fitting that Acura is using an understated ad campaign. The automaker has long been praised for the understated elegance of its automobiles. While many automobiles have louder engines and flashier looks, Acura has simply produced one good-looking, dependable, high-quality automobile after another.

Acura’s 30th anniversary ad campaign reminds us of just why we have loved this company and it vehicles all these years. No fireworks, colorful cake and candles, self-congratulatory speeches, and false bravado. Instead, the 60 second TV spot with the tag line ’30 Years Young’ is simply a reminder of some of the automobiles it has produced over the years. Yes, it’s little nostalgic. But it also reminds people how Acura has helped to move automotive technology forward with very little fanfare. The company has simply produced outstanding vehicles that are fun to drive, get good gas mileage, and last a lifetime. To see for yourself, check an Acura out at Chapman Acura.

The company has had so many great vehicles in its lineup over the years, it seems like a little boasting would be in order. Instead Acura sticks to its long running script and simply provides the public with a brief review of the vehicles that have helped to make this iconic Japanese brand one of the best selling automotive lines for 3 decades. Plus the ad, narrated by actor Michael B. Jordan, also pays homage to its Honda heritage. Using a colorful video and well-chosen words, the ad is more of a short retrospective than an out and out celebration. Like Acura automobiles, it’s classy.

The “30 Years Young” television ad will be joined by a number of 15-second social media spots and Acura dealerships will be adorned with 30th anniversary posters as well. It sure seems like only yesterday Acura blessed us with the Legend and the Integra and became the first Japanese company to produce a luxury brand. And other companies have been playing catch-up ever since. For the past 30 years, Acura has always meant luxury, excellent performance, superior quality, and durability. Its Honda made VTEC variable valve timing helped to make this automotive brand a trailblazer in the industry.

In the television spot Acura communicates excitement, optimism, and energy. That’s exactly what drivers have long felt when they got behind the wheel of one of the incredible automobiles Acura has been making for 3 decades. As the ad comes to an end with a final look at the Acura models that have enriched people’s lives over the years and a 2017 NSX drives off, Jordon makes a statement the resonates with many Acura owners. “As long as we make it fun, the future is ours.” There are millions of satisfied Acura owners that agree wholeheartedly.


Inspirational Sedan Integrates Four Engines

With one electric motor powering the front axle, two more in the rear and a gasoline engine to supply more power, the Acura RLX Sport-Hybrid is an inspiration in technology. The electric motors provide instantaneous torque, shooting you like a rocket from a standing start. The four engines combine to create 377 horsepower, delivering the driving excitement buyers have come to expect from Acura. This is the same system used to power the Acura NSX supercar, which comes in at more than twice the price of the RLX Sport-Hybrid. See the Hybrid and take it for a test drive with a visit to Chapman Acura.

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive Provides Max Control

Whether you’re trying to negotiate your way through a tight urban area or simply letting it all hang out on a quiet country road, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system on the Acura RLX delivers maximum control. SH-AWD utilizes the electric motors to continuously distribute torque between the front and rear wheels as needed. Up to 100 percent of the power can be distributed to the outer wheels when going through a corner, helping eliminate drift. SH-AWD, when combined with the Agile Handling Assist and Vehicle Stability Assist systems, provides unbelievable stability through sharp turns.

Interior Features Class Leading Legroom

Adults who have to go on a long trip will sing your praises for purchasing the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid. With a mid-size exterior, the RLX has a spacious interior that surpasses all competition when it comes to rear legroom. At 38.8 inches, it offers up to three inches more room to spread out than some of its competitors. With standard features like navigation, keyless ignition and LED headlights, you get a lot of bang for your buck in this model. The addition of a number of collision avoidance safety features means you stand a better chance of getting your precious cargo from point A to point B without incident.

Plenty of Technology Available

Add the Technology package to your vehicle and you get automatic wipers, adaptive cruise control and a sweet 14-speaker sound system that wraps you and your passengers in concert quality music. You can also get a power rear sunshade and manual passenger sunshades to keep out the brutal desert sun. Another popular option is the 360-degree camera to give you a birds-eye view of your RLX. The Sport Hybrid comes with a standard heads-up display so you can keep your eyes on the road while receiving vital vehicle information. Swing by Chapman Acura today and experience the pure joy of driving the RLX Sport Hybrid.