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Acura ILX

Acura loves its customers and is concerned about their safety. This has long been obvious to anyone that has ever owned an Acura automobile. Now Acura has promised to take that concern to another level. Beginning with their 2017 models, Acura will not only protect drivers before an accident, the vehicle will automatically call for help after accidents using SiriusXM. This is another way to enhance and ensure customer’s safety and security. These services will be to Acura owners with vehicles from the 2017 model year and beyond.

These new services are all part of the next generation of safety features Acura is offering to its customers. These notifications can make a dramatic difference for people involved in an accident. It can help emergency responders to get to the scene faster and save crash victims from having to endure too much time in pain alone. This can be particularly helpful if the driver is unconscious or if the crash takes place in an area that’s far from a population center. For some victims, those automatic crash notifications can be the difference between life and death. While this is a cool feature, if you want to see more, come to Chapman Acura to test drive a model or check out any 2017 Acura inventory.

The SiriusXM connected vehicle services are part of the next generation of the connected vehicle services  offered by Acura. Those services will be available to customers with 2017 or new automobiles for 4 years. SOS Emergency Alerts and Automatic crash notification via SiriusXM are part of the company’s new and improved safety features that express their growing concern and commitment for their customers. Since 2013, the company has been using AcuraLink to connect customers to advanced vehicle services.

Research by AAA has proven one of the most important features older drivers need is automatic emergency crash notification. Plus the AcuraLink system offers customers easy access to weather reports, maps, points of interest, and restaurants in addition to emergency assistance services. Acura owners that choose to participate in the program can also use it to schedule service appointments and repairs. Acura improved safety along with styling, performance, quality, comfort, ergonomics, cutting-edge design, and innovative technology with the introduction of their “Precision Crafted Performance” concept. These new safety features just show how much the company cares.