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Future of Luxury Automobiles Comes in Strong, Sleek Design

When Acura unveiled its Precision Concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show on January 12, it signaled a breakthrough in the design of luxury automotives. “The Acura Precision Concept will signal the stronger and shaper focus of Acura styling on our core DNA we call ‘precision crafted performance,’” according to Acura creative director Dave Marek. “It is our intention to more strongly express performance through design and the Acura Precision Concept will serve as the inspiration for the styling and proportion of the next generation of Acura vehicles, especially for our sedans.” Take a look at the current generation of Acuras and experience true luxury with a test drive at your Tucson Acura dealer, Chapman Acura.

Acura Tight Lipped About Concept Design

“Motor Trend” says the design indicates a “longitudinal” engine layout. With a very long hood and aerodynamic roof line, the vehicle resembles an early Jaguar XK. A short trunk brings an abrupt ending to the car, but helps with the illusion of propulsion. The body line is bold, starting just after the front wheel and swooping up below the back window. Bulging fenders create a strong, aggressive stance that says this car owns the road.

Torrance-based Design Studio Offers State-of-Art Capability

Since the opening of the Acura Design Studio in 2007, engineers and artists have been working hard to conceive how the future automobile should look. A great number of the current day Acura models, available for inspection at Acura of Tucson, were conceived in the Torrance, Calif. studio. “The effort to distinguish Acura in the marketplace begins with design,” according to company vice president Dick Collier. Designers have access to a virtual simulator that displays life-size concepts created on a computer. The arrangement of the workspace encourages collaboration between teams of designers to complete a cohesive look across all models.

NSX Supercar, Precision Concept are Future of Acura

Check back in a couple of years and you’ll see the future design of all Acura cars more closely resembling the Precision Concept and upcoming NSX supercar. Dave Marek, Acura’s global design director, says the days of boxy sedans are over. “The brand needs to retain its roots in a performance-based image,” Marek said. The creative genius behind Acura’s look admits he’s influenced by a great design, no matter who the automaker is. “I’ve always been a 911 guy. I like the Tesla. I like the feel of it. It feels modern but normal enough to get people to buy it,” he said. Keep a close eye on the inventory at Chapman Acura and you’ll see today’s designs take shape in the cars of tomorrow.

2017 Acura NSX

2017 Acura NSX

If you like to drive fast and you appreciate quality automotive engineering, then Acura’s new 573 horsepower NSX will take your breath away. This completely redesigned second generation NSX is a brand new beast. It all starts with the NSX’s hand-built, 3.5 liter, V6 twin-turbocharged engine that’s now behind the passenger compartment. Plus there are two electric motors to power the front wheels and a third placed between the nine-speed, dual-clutch transmission and the gasoline mill. The result? This vehicle is incredibly fast.

The new Acura NSX goes from zero to 60 in an astounding 3 seconds. That’s faster than the Audi R8 V10, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, BMW i8, Jaguar F-type R, Maserati GranTurismo MC, McLaren 570S, and the Mercedes-AMG GT S. The NSX’s top speed is a not too shabby 191 miles per hour (That’s 307 if you’re measuring in kilometers). That’s because of its 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque combined with the NSX’s 3,803 pounds of curb weight and superb Acura engineering.  To see, in-person, the great engineering by Acura, head to Chapman Acura.

But the new NSX is more than just a fast car. This hybrid ‘supercar’ handles like a dream. Plus it’s loaded with all the latest technology like its sophisticated All-Wheel Drive Advanced Sport Hybrid Power Unit, regenerative braking, a light, rigid all-aluminum monocoque chassis, perfectly tuned electric power steering for better feel and responsiveness, Zero Delay Technology, Variable Timing Control for precision combustion, and ablation casting technology’s first automotive application. If you want to see how fast one is, go to a local Tucson Acura dealer to find out.

It takes 70 manufacturing technicians to put together the new, improved NSX. They’re needed for all the new technology like turbochargers with electronic wastegate control and electric motors that aid with braking, improve shifting quality, and recharge the battery. The technicians also ensure the balance among exterior design, airflow management, interior human-centric design, lightweight materials, body form engineering, and drivetrain performance are perfect. Drivers simply get in, select from the quiet, sport, sport+, and track driving modes, and enjoy an incredible driving experience.

The interior of this two-seater coupe has a gorgeous minimalist look and feel combined with just the right premium touches including leather and Alcantara. The perfectly-placed 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system employs both analogue and digital dials. The impressive 8-speaker audio system with built-in subwoofer comes standard. Navigation, ELS Studio audio, along with AcuraLink are options.

On the outside the NSX is sleek, aerodynamic, and fierce. With 19-inch forged-aluminum wheels up front and 20-inch ones in the rear, the car always looks poised to strike. Add the optional sports package with its carbon fiber front spoiler, engine cover, roof, side sills, and rear diffuser, and tack on the dark chrome exhaust finisher and you have one very hot car.

Instant acceleration, an advanced independent suspension system, an incredible ‘on rails’ handling experience which makes it a corner carving dream, and ventilated steel disc brakes with two six piston Brembo calipers up front and four on the rear wheels for safety, a lowered center of gravity, plus superior engineering, design, and performance make the 2017 NSX worthy of all the hype.