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In recent automotive news, Acura has declared their commitment for sponsoring the Tiger Woods Foundation. In fact, they followed through on this declaration by signing a three-year agreement to support the foundation. They will also be sponsoring three related golf tournaments. On top of that, Acura is going to be named the “official vehicle” of the Tiger Woods Foundation in exchange for both philanthropic support as well as vehicle support. Though, the exact dollar amount wasn’t disclosed in the statement.

Acura (combined with their presence and 180 vehicles designated for tournament use) is going to appear at the 2014 Quicken Loans National Tournament. Mike Accavitti, the Acura Division General manager, said, “The relationship with the Tiger Woods Foundation further strengthens Acura’s already deep ties to the game of golf, while benefiting an organization that is advancing educational efforts critical to this nation in the areas of math, science and engineering.”

The philanthropic effort provided by Acura is also going to help the Tiger Woods Learning Center. This center is designed to offer programs that focus on math, technology, education, and science (which is why they received the nickname, “STEM”). The Tiger Woods Learning Center is designed for low-income students who are in school, more specifically, who are between grades 5 and 12. It should be noted that Acura is going to help the center by co-developing advanced engineering labs and advanced robotics. Visit Chapman Acura for the largest selection of premium Acura vehicles!

In a press release, Tiger Woods went on to say, “It will be cool to see how they incorporate their technology with our STEM initiatives for underserved students nationwide, including our three D.C.-based learning centers.” Although Acura has made the commitment to support the Tiger Woods Foundation, the golfer isn’t going to be sporting the Acura logo on his apparel during the upcoming tournaments, or during the foundation events. The reason for this is because the contract is between Acura and the Tiger Woods Foundation, not Tiger Woods himself.

Although not a lot of people know this, Tiger Woods had a personal-service endorsement relationship with Buick that lasted for more than nine years, and that recently ended back in 2008. As far as the Tiger Woods Foundation is concerned, it’s been around since 1996. Tiger Woods and his father, Earl, launched it. Since that time, it has delivered amazing value to millions of students, providing them with a unique, genuine, and memorable learning experience. There are specific programs at the Tiger Woods Learning Center, with the center itself consisting of more than 35,000-square-feet worth of learning space. Visit a Tucson Acura dealer to learn more about the latest Acura models.

There’s no doubt that Acura partnering with the program is going to help spread the word about the wonderful learning advantages that it has to offer. Although Woods isn’t going to be wearing the logo on his uniform or bag during play, this movement by Acura is sure to help increase exposure for the learning center, making everything worth it in the end, as well as allowing both parties to benefit.