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Countless Acura NSX fans patiently wait for the grand returning of the 2016 Acura NSX expected to arrive in mid-2015. While it is plenty of time that we are left anticipating and wondering about this new vehicle, we have come to the conclusion that it is surely worth the wait.

The car is expected to be completely redesigned into a completely new highly practical and invigorating supercar. The NSX will also have a hybrid powertrain along with three electric motors. Adding to that is the twin-turbo V-6 that is sure to make it a ride worth remembering. These features make for a car that can be used daily for a night out on the town or picking up the kids from soccer practice. The NSX comes standard with a dual-clutch automatic and an all-wheel drive. Add this all together, and you are bound to get heads turning with the astonishing new look that the NSX has to offer.

The overall look of the NSX is still evolving, as there is more sculpting in the doors and an intake coming from the side that stretches farther down. The car is already being called the most luxurious car that Acura has to offer, since it is the first-ever vehicle to carry a six-figure MSRP.

The vehicle is also receiving a lot of buzz because of the employment opportunity that will come of it in Ohio. More than 100 people, all the best in their field, have been hired to execute such a car like this one.

Like mentioned before, the NSX will come with a hybrid powertrain that comes with three electric motors. The hybrid powertrain will feature a 90-degree V-6 engine with two turbos. Two additional electric motors are specifically assigned to the front wheels. The total system output is expected to exceed 500 horsepower.

While there is still time left to wait for the NSX to officially come out, we are excited about its arrival. Make sure to check with Chapman Acura as we keep you updated in the Acura NSX journey!