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Acura Link Next Generation

When the 2014 Acura RLX hits the Chapman Acura showroom this year, it will come with the next generation of Acura’s connectivity system, AcuraLink. Thanks to new embedded technology and the ability to link to web-enabled devices such as a smartphone, AcuraLink will be able to bring a much broader range of convenience, media and security features to Acura drivers than ever before.

AcuraLink works with the iOS and Android systems through AcuraLink Streams app, which is powered by Aha and is a cloud-based media program.  It works through your phone’s cellular data and allows drivers to seamlessly stream music and information through their vehicle. It also allows for hands-free voice control. You can “text” via voice control so as not to become distracted with typing on your smartphone.

With your smartphone synced with AcuraLink you also have the capability to maximize your navigation system. It will access continuously updated local traffic data so you can stay current on what streets are best to drive at all times of day. It also calculates the best routes to avoid traffic.

There are different tiers of subscriptions that are available for AcuraLink

The Standard Package with navigation includes traffic and weather updates, a vehicle feature guide, Bluetooth connectivity, text and email functions, and Pandora, Aha and SiriusXM music services. This is offered as complimentary for three years. The Standard Tier is free for the first three years of vehicle ownership, as long as the vehicle is equipped with AcuraLink the Next Generation.

Moving up the range is the fee-based Connect Package. This includes all of the features in the Standard Package and incorporates an embedded cellular phone to raise the level of convenience as well as add more emergency and security services. It includes automated crash notification and an emergency “SOS” call feature, as well as local search, a send-to-vehicle feature for maps and other items, remote diagnostics, a car finder and stolen vehicle tracking.  If you subscribe to the Connect Tier your device allows you to access all digital data from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Finally, there’s the Premium Package. This adds a live mobile concierge service that can be contacted by a single touch of the overhead Link button. The live-operator concierge is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide advanced help with a destination and send it directly to the user’s navigation system, make reservations on their behalf, update the user on weather, stocks and much more.

For more information on the next generation of AcuraLink, visit Chapman Acura in Tucson.