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Summer road trips are a fun part of summer so whether it be just a few miles or a cross country trip there are a few features to keep in mind that the TL or MDX have that you may find useful.

Beyond the stylish TL is a luxurious and sporty sedan with a ton of technology. The six-speed automatic brings great drivability with its solid chassis and feel. The Type S offers sporty handling and comfortable cabin that any Acura TL Tucson driver can appreciate. The TL was redesigned in 2009 and then refreshed again in 2012. The now available automatic is quicker and more efficient than the old five-speed and will help easily maneuver down any road to a road trip destination.

The new Acura MDX is one of the most agreeable luxury SUVs with high-quality materials, solid road manners, and a crisp overall design. The all-wheel-drive system uses technology to its advantage to provide a solid driving experience on any type of road. It has a relatively light curb weight considering it can fit the whole family comfortably on any road trip, with its seating capacity for seven. The fuel economy is also great considering it is an SUV. The agile handling, fuel economy, comfy interior, and smart styling all make this care more than capable for a road trip.

Both the TL and the MDX feature Super Handling All-Wheel drive that will help in any type of weather and is specifically designed for an ultimate dry-road handling experience. Even if the road is curvy the system automatically directs power to the outside rear wheel where the weight shifts too and turns the wheel faster to help rotate the vehicle into the turn. This technology is specific to Acura and no other all-wheel drive system has the capabilities to do that, so any motorist can feel safe regardless of the road condition.

When driving down a scenic road at any time during a road trip, whether it’s a current TL or an MDX being driven the Scenic Drive option is available. The Scenic Drive option is turned on by simply turning a knob on the navigation system and it will bring up nearby scenic drives for exploration. So whether it was planned or not the Acura TL or MDX can take the scenic route or at least show you where the scenic route is.

Want to take a road trip in a new Acura TL or MDX but don’t have one, don’t worry just head to your Arizona Acura dealer for more information.